Our Support

Response Time Support

Are you in a bind? Do you have SLAs you can’t meet or even commit to? Let ClearVision AV be your First Responder.

No we aren’t Police Officers, or Firefighters rushing into burning buildings to save people in peril. We are the men/women of ClearVision AV ready to meet your commitments.

  • We can provide Emergency response to your client in some geographies in as little as 2 hours.
  • We have local people in places you may not.
  • We can be your on-site support, helpdesk, etc.


ClearVision AV provides pre-sales/pre-installation services that include site survey, sales engineering, and implementation planning services. Our partnerships with the top manufacturers in the industry provide the knowledge and understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

Here at ClearVision AV we pride ourselves at making Dreams a Reality. Since our team has years of experience in all aspects of the AV Integration process we have a Hands on Approach for your integration. Our account team will create a formal needs analysis to help us understand your requirements, your desired end user experience, and your budget. Once we have these pieces to the puzzle we work with Engineering to bring it all together into a BOM, SOW, and CAD Drawings. Those three critical components are used to create a pictorial representation of your idea. This gives you the ability to envision the finished product even before it is built.


Our approach to Systems Commissioning is easy. We use the ABS checklist method.

  • Review the As Built Drawings & Compare to the Design Drawings
  • Review the BOM, to confirm everything is there
  • Review the SOW, understand what your expecting

By following this method it really doesn’t matter if ClearVision AV Designed the solution, Installed/Integrated the Solution, or Commissioned the solution. Commissioning a System is an art, and with the years of experience we have, we can ensure the design and its intent for use is met. As long as all of the requested information is accurate and provided, we will certify that it functions as planned for per the design.

Help Desk

ClearVision AV offers a vendor-neutral Help Desk that provides tier 1 and 2 problem resolutions support for most of the industry leading manufacturers of visual communication systems.

Maintenance Contracts/Service Agreements

These terms may sound the same but they are different.

Maintenance Contracts –

  • Parts and Software coverage from the manufacturer
    • Standard Terms
    • Extended Terms
  • Maintenance Contracts are insurance plans that cover the cost of replacement Parts or Software Updates/Upgrades
  • We can provide you cost and duration options
    • These options are associated with the age of the equipment

Service Agreements – Types

  • Help Desk/Phone Support
  • Remote Support
  • On-Site Support
  • All of these Service options have defined Service Hours associated with them
  • 24x7 is available as well

Preventive Maintenance - Peace Of Mind

ClearVision AV tests all the functionality in your room, NOT just the features used most often.

We can perform:

  • Scheduled Remote Room Testing
  • System and/or Network Monitoring

Let us perform a Status Check of your rooms while they are up and running, to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Our Goals?

  • Alert you of potential issues, before they become problems
  • Our professionals can spot a glitch because of their extensive knowledge in some cases even before the average user would notice a problem
  • Recommend upgrades to technology which has changed or improved keeping your equipment on the leading edge

There are several levels for our Preventative Maintenance services, Contact ClearVision AV so we can review a plan that fits your needs best.