Site Survey

A professionally completed Site Survey can be the difference between success and failure. Advance knowledge of potential site complications can mitigate a project from being late, over budget or delayed. Do you ready want to take that chance for the unknown to cause significant and potentially costly problems?

ClearVision AV is ready to be your Eyes, Ears, and Hands to review your client’s facilities to accurately access their needs. Skipping this step because of your own resource availability is a recipe for disaster. Let ClearVision AV provide you the details before you try and finalize your design.

We look at and inspect all the areas where work is to be performed, noting and highlighting where potential issues may exist. Discovering these issues prior to the technician arriving on site is pinnacle. The last thing you want is to have your technician uncover something that should have been found on the initial visit so you can be sure you meet your client’s goals/deadlines.

How do we accomplish all of this?

We have a very extensive site survey form we complete on your behalf. (or we can use yours)

We review -

  • Existing equipment inventory
  • Existing rack space determining if there is room for new equipment and expansion
  • Existing cable pathway
  • Room dimensions
  • We provide pictures if requested
  • We offer fixed or customized pricing depending on the installation