National Roll-out/Kitting/Bundling

When you’re deploying Hundreds or even Thousands of Phones/Huddle rooms/Digital Signage Display’s, etc. make it easy on yourself. Deployments like these are time consuming, stressful, and could be costly if they are not managed properly. Let ClearVision AV handle it. WE WILL

  • Receive/Stage your inventory
  • Capture, Record, Audit, affix Asset Tags on all serialized components
  • Create your Bundles
  • Build your Kits
  • Stage/Schedule/Coordinate Deliveries
  • Receive equipment at remote locations
  • Deploy/Install/Test/Commission at remote sites
  • Provide Documentation for Sign Off

End User Support

  • Help Desk
  • Remote Troubleshooting
  • Software Updates
  • Software/Hardware Upgrades
  • Etc.