Project Management

ClearVision AV offers our customer a single point of contact throughout the project lifecycle. Your contact will:

  • Attend Meetings
  • Prepare Estimates
  • Schedule Resources
  • Liaison between teams
  • Supervise teams or technicians

ClearVision AV will:

  • Set the timelines and goals
  • Advise and communicate to the shareholders
  • Arrange starts and stops
  • Drive the completion of your project

ClearVision will manage our project, your projects, and your client’s projects, anything that needs to be completed under your defined terms, we can make happen.

We manage projects in many ways:

  • By the Hour, Day, Week, Month, etc.
  • By the Project
  • By the Client

We can mutually define the best way to manage a project and put together a proposal that works for you.