Installation & Integration


ClearVision AV provides highly skilled technicians, field engineers, and software engineers to install, configure, turn-up and test your communications solution.

From -

  • Huddle rooms to Board rooms
  • Monitors & Projectors to Video Walls
  • Simple turnkey solutions to Fully Integrated rooms and buildings

If in house, our skilled technicians will assemble required components, build equipment racks, or fabricate if necessary to speed up onsite installation time. We pre-test and program all AV Equipment and wiring before it arrives to the site. Once onsite we maximize our efficiency by putting equipment in place and perform final testing and commissioning.

Field installs are handled similarly. By focusing our time on structured component assembly and testing, we can eliminate time consuming troubleshooting later. Once everything is assembled, a final run through ensures everything is perfect and ready to go.

Our team of certified technical resources are ready to take on your job. Big or small we have the resources to get it done correctly the first time.


Technology changes at a rapid pace. Audio Visual equipment is no different. At one time it was as simple as cross connecting Cable 1 to Cable 2, at the main Patch Panel. There are occasions that this is still the case, but increasingly A/V Systems have entered the digital age. Cable and patch panels, although still a key component, are now completely automated.

Additionally, A/V equipment must now integrate or connect to existing communications networks. Our experience shows us that A/V equipment is NO LONGER operating as a stand alone solution requiring its own private infrastructure/network. Current A/V equipment has adapted to industry trends and efficiently operates on more common and traditional IP Networks.

With this additional complexity, Integrators and installation teams need to understand and have a high comfort level with IP Network protocols and configurations. This needs to become second nature to them much like Aspect Ratio, and dB Gain or Loss. Network Integration has now become just as important as digital signal processing, cabling, switching, and a host of other issues relating to digital signal delivery.